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Hunting has been part of an estonians life for centuries and although its popularity has decreased, lots of folk still take time from their everyday lives to take care and feed wild animals, to keep balance in the vast forests of Estonia. In Estonia the most popular game is wild boar, it is hunted almost throughout the year. Then the are roe deer and moose whose hunting seasons vary from summer to late autumn. This company is ran by a family of three, a father and two sons who have all been hunters their whole lives. Hunting is not just a hobby, it's necessary to keep it check the herds of wild boar for example, since the damage they can cause for farmers is massive.

We are inviting you to join us for a hunt.

Moose season is coming!

Pack your bags hunters, moose hunting season is almost here 15 september - 15 december.

Don't miss your chance for a trophy.

Wild boar are getting really active on crop fields!

With the nearing of autumn wild boar are plowing through the fields.

Now is the perfect time for boar hunting.

Roe deer hunting.

Buck hunting lasts until the end of november.

The easiest way to catch a roe deer is by lurking on your perch.